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December 16, 2013
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I was preparing to write a piece about memoirist Laurie Hoirup –I Can Dance: My Life with a Disability. Laurie was a recent speaker at the California Writer’s Club, Sacramento, and I was going to tell you about her nationwide book tour and what she learned on the road.


But something kept niggling at me, a kind of discontent about content, if you will. (Sorry)


Was I really going to write another piece about writing advice? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I love sharing what others have to offer about the craft. Yet something was missing. Then I read Laurie’s memoir, and I had a moment of clarity.


What I love more than anything, anything, in this life is sharing what I believe about the wonder of love and how it changes lives on a daily basis—how ultimately love will change the world, forever.


That’s why I wrote This Side of Forever. If you haven’t read it yet, the novel is about sixteen-year-old Annie Bloom who lost her father to alcoholism and her best friend in a fatal car crash. Annie turns to alcohol to ease her pain. But the book isn’t about teen alcoholism, not entirely. It’s about hope and redemption. That’s what I wanted to share with teens, the promise of joy and inner peace.


So, I’ve decided to use my blog to post stories about people whose lives inspire others. Maybe not all the time. I still love to talk writing, and I look forward to the day I can feature guest blogs by teens on my site. But whenever I come across a book or a tale about somebody extending joy through love, I’m going to post it here because I believe that writers are wonderful agents for change in an otherwise chaotic world.

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If you’ve read about somebody who embodies love and faith and good deeds let me know. Or if you have read a novel that offers inspiration and hope comment here, email me, Facebook me, or reach me on Twitter. I will respond.


My next post is about Laurie and her book. Recommend it to friends facing some aspect of a disability. I think they will find the piece helpful. It should be up by Thursday.






4 Responses to Authors and writers change the world with memoirs and stories

  • “So, I’ve decided to use my blog to post stories about people whose lives inspire others.” What a great thing to do, Jo. And I look forward to the time when you feature guest blogs by teens on your site. How inspirational that will be, not only for teens, but adults as well, to sort of build a bridge between generations – an understanding and sharing. I foresee your writing, via novel and blog, as helping others. Can’t get much better than that!

    • Hi Margaret. Yes, I definitely want teens to post on my site. I am also looking forward to that time. As always, I appreciate your comments and your insights.

      You and your novels are on my list to feature.

  • Jo, what a lovely plan for your blog . Sharing the wonder of love and stories about people who inspire is such a great idea.

    You ask for inspiring novels. I think you’d like my friend Leila Aboulela’s novel “Lyrics Alley.” She’s a wonderful (and award-winning) Sudanese writer, and this novel was inspired by her uncle who had a tragic accident that left him quadriplegic – and yet he eventually found a way to write lyrics.

  • Yvonne,
    Thank you for your comments and your suggestion. You are my first! I will definitely check out “Lyrics Alley.” After I’ve read it, I may call upon you to share with my readers what stayed with you when you finished this novel. How it changed the way you view the world.
    Again, thank you.

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