This Side of Forever Available on Kindle

May 15, 2013

It’s here, and I have to admit I’m over the top with excitement. My first pubished Young Adult Novel, This Side of Forever, is on Kindle. The print version is on its way. For more information, click here.
This Side of Forever


Annie Bloom and Lexi Vanderkamp are out for a night of drinking beer and having fun in Annie’s Camaro when Lexi, who is driving, makes a fatal mistake. Annie is left to deal with the consequences of her best friend’s death. Problem is, Annie has a drinking problem, and the more she blames herself for Lexi’s death, the more she drinks to forget.

Unable to deal with the growing guilt over her part in the accident, Annie breaks up with her all-star boyfriend, Adam, and takes up with a guy called Raunch, who more than lives up to his nickname.

Raunch seduces Annie with his penetrating blue eyes and easy access to the best alcohol she’s ever had. Together, they embark on a series of drunken adventures that eventually threaten Annie’s life.

But it’s the journey that Annie takes alone, after hours of relentless drinking, that ultimately alters who she is and everything she believes in.


“My heart broke for Annie throughout the book, but the ending was definitely uplifting.”

—Angie Garcia, Student


“Stories like this need to be told AND SHARED.”

—Visionary Fiction Author Margaret Duarte


This Side of Forever is a remarkable work, deeply emotional and with lasting impressions.”

—CS Editor

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