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Writer’s Guidelines

In keeping with the theme of this site­­–The Power of Sharing Story Can Change the WorldYour Story features first-person accounts of people who have experienced a meaningful event — achieved a goal, overcome a difficulty or otherwise learned a valuable lesson that left him or her with a new perspective and deeper understanding.


  • Write about a single incident.
  • The story should be told from the view point of the person most deeply affected. That would be the author.
  • Keep the characters in the piece to a minimum. Only invite people into the mix who are essential to the story.
  • Include all relevant facts about the story so that your reader can easily follow events.  Allow your readers to experience what’s going on with your characters–how they look, how they sound, how they feel.
  • Remember to conclude your piece with the message you want readers to take with them when they finish reading your story. This is sometimes called the “leave behind.”
  • Your piece should be between 500-1,500 words, allowing for photographs and a short author bio.
  • Send your manuscript as an attachment here.  The text must be in 12pt. type and must be double spaced. Use standard 1 inch margins.
  • When you submit your story, you automatically agree to have it edited by a professional editor. Suggested changes will be approved by you before publication. Only one round of edits per story.
  • We will notify you electronically if your submission is selected.
  • At this time, we are unable to pay for publication. You are free so make simultaneous submissions. We will accept original reprints.

Send your stories to .