Mystery Writer Cindy Sample is stellar example for writers struggling with book promotion

April 15, 2014

cindy in suit

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I apologize

It’s not that I don’t want to. There are several good topics lurking in my brain. But I’ve fallen victim to the time myth. You know the one. We all subscribe to it at some level. It’s the one that convinces us that we don’t have enough hours in a day, week, month or year to accomplish everything pressing. Hence, blogging drops to the end of the list.

I had occasion to speak with mystery writer Cindy Sample, author of Dying for a Date, Dying for a Daiquiri and Dying for a Dance, last week. Cindy is a wonderful speaker, as well as an accomplished writer, and I wanted to know how she does it all.

Cindy Dying for a Date“Cindy,” I said, “how do you find time to do so much marketing and still write?”

“I write forty hours a week and I market forty hours a week,” she said.

Trust me. She looks no worse for the wear.

I’ve been contemplating Cindy’s approach to her craft. She obviously enjoys what she does. It comes out in her approach to her readers and potential readers. She’s warm, funny and down to earth. She’s the neighbor you want to have coffee with, the friend you take shopping. Selling books is not a chore for this woman. It’s an experience, one shared by all. No wonder she’s successful.

I’ve decided to take a page from Cindy’s playbook and embrace the hours it takes to promote oneself and one’s books. Why not? I, too, love what I do. Writers are my tribe. Readers are my gift. I could be doing a lot worse.

As the writers network speakers coordinator for the California Writers Club, Sacramento Branch, I have the honor of selecting fascinating people to address our breakfast meetings. I’ve booked Cindy for the first Friday in November. Now that I have a new attitude about promoting my work, I’m looking forward to learning the details of how she does what she does so I can do it too.

For more information about CWC speakers consult the club’s website.


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  • Hello Jo. I, too, think highly of Cindy. I’ve only met her twice, but her name pops up everywhere when it comes to news about writing in the Sacramento area. She’s also a master at marketing. A fine example to follow! I’m a member of California Writer’s Club, Sacramento Branch, but keep forgetting about, thus missing, the monthly meetings. Darn. Seems my attitude needs some adjusting as well.

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